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Welcome to FinoMag Magnetics FinoMag Magnetic Technology(NingBo) Limited mainly produces and develops magnet material, magnet components and tools for different industries. About Company Contact Us Full Service Magnet Products Line Strong Magnet design and manufacture capabilities to produce numerous magnetic tools for customers from Prototype to Production Find us Learn More Worked with over 200 customers in 30 countries Exceeding expectations with quality magnet, talent-design,on-time delivery and more Find Us Learn more

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Finomag Magnetics focus to consistently develop revolutionary custom magnet solutions,we gain a great reputation from our clients,especialy in the fields of environmentally and Safety

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Quality Standard

Strict quality inspection standards and management systems ensure that our factory produces qualified products, while also ensuring the interests of all customers. 

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Our Capability

The company Committed to providing full-service to all our customers,provide Concept-to-Manufacturing, Fast Prototyping, Testing&Inspection Service, Tooling Make 

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Industries Served

We are an innovative designer and manufacturer of custom permanent magnet,custom magnet assembly worked with electronic,automotive, aerospace, medical and green power industries.

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FinoMag Magnetics leads the industry with its extensive range of proprietary magnet technologies and new product developments.

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The Best Welding Magnets

Welding magnets are predominantly used to hold pieces of magnetic materials in position where a series of small welds are used to align pieces of metals securely before completing with a final weld.

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Construction Clean Up Magnets

Use Magnetic Sweeper to pick up and help clear the ground of potentially dangerous metallic debris, such as nails and metal shards.

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Magnetic Storage Tools

These socket holders accommodate 68 SAE or Metric slots for deep and shallow sockets. You can take the magnetic socket holder to your workspaces and attach it to any metallic surface

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Pick Up Magnet Tools

The magnetic pickup tool helps pick up metal filings, chips or even small parts such as nuts and bolts or parts from your CNC plasma table.simply pull the plunger out to release them over a scrap bin or wastebasket.

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Wires&Rope Organizer Magnet

Adheres to any steel surface. No tools needed. Magnet can be quickly installed and repositioned. Easy to Take away and reinstall.

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Forklift Magnet Accessories

The Magnetic SHolder with industrial strength magnets on the side. The heavy duty magnets allow the unit to be fastened to warehouse rack, pallet jack, or forklift.

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Funiture Hardware Door Catcher

The magnetic catch to keep cabinet doors closed and secure. A great door closure solution for any living space like kitchen or bathroom, and anywhere else.

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Pure Water Softner Solutions

Magnetic Water Conditioner will create an unlimited supply of magnetic "soft " water. This means minerals, which have a tendency to clump together will now instead push away from each other making them smaller.

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Magnetic Espresso Shot Mirror

Buy a magnetic, this shot mirror is easily watch the beauty of your extractions as they pour into your cup.

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